Data management

Clinical research programs are designed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals or medical devices. A sheer unbelievable quantity of data has to be recorded and analysed for empirical validation of these objectives. Whatever is involved – statistical planning, eCRF set-up, data validation and hosting or statistical analysis and final study reports – we take care that your data gets structured, collected and analysed to make it available at the right place and at the right time.

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Our data management and statistics services

Data management

SSS International Clinical Research designs database systems to match the individual client’s specific needs and ensure effective data entry. After data entry, experienced employees will screen data for errors, omissions and other deficiencies (medical review). Queries concerning the data are generated manually during medical review as well as automatically by the system following data entry. SSS International Clinical Research is experienced in the interaction of electronic data entry systems (EDC) with relevant monitoring procedures.


Master’s level biostatisticians provide our clients with assistance in all phases of drug development. Our biostatisticians evaluate data to verify that robust scientific analyses using current analytical techniques can be performed in accordance with accepted biostatistical standards. We routinely use SAS for all statistical analyses and data listings.

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