Clinical trials
Phase I to IV

The clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy in patients is one of the most demanding steps in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. SSS International Clinical Research has a team of specialists to assist you with a full-service package throughout the trials or in selected areas. We have been the key to many success stories that saw client projects leading to significant breakthroughs in patient treatment.

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Our clinical trial services

We offer comprehensive clinical services backed by experience to meet your individual needs, timelines and quality requirements.

Bring the trial to a quick start

We have the resources and the knowledge to get your study up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We know the timelines and we synchronize all the tasks to be fulfilled to get your first patients in the trial. Our network of experienced investigators allows us to assess feasibility with unbeatable precision, delivering project projections you can rely on. We also have an excellent track record in recruiting large numbers of sites in double quick time. more about our project experience

Successfully navigate complex regulatory requirements

We have a substantiated understanding of the regulatory environment in Europe. Our know-how equips us to give you the guidance you need to shorten your start-up phase and get your trial started as fast as possible. On behalf of our clients, we take care of all the regulatory hassles involved in making submission to national authorities. What’s more, we have long-standing experience in dealing with ethics bodies and can advise, prepare and submit documents to central and local ethics committees.

Outstanding network of excellent sites

Clinical trials crucially depend on the quality of the investigational sites involved. High accuracy in data acquisition and in working according to regulations and protocol requirements is not only a necessity – in fact, it can make all the difference between success and failure. We make a point of working with high-performing sites and investigators. By guaranteeing high-level support, professional training and open communication, SSS has established viable and valuable partnerships.

Site monitoring – risk-adjusted, remote, and on-site

SSS has a highly experienced, excellently trained team of expert CRAs covering the DACH region (i.e., Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Poland and Romania. Moreover, we have a network of quality-audited cooperation partners spanning the whole of Europe. Our CRAs have operating experience in almost every therapeutic indication you can think of. more about our indication experience

Project management – staying on top of information

SSS offers local and international project management services and has experience in conducting multi-national projects with up to 16 participating countries. All our project managers have more than 10 years of clinical research experience. Our proprietary clinical trial management system, accSIS, helps to coordinate countries, sites and even other vendors. Sponsor access is via our website. Once you log in, you’ll find a wealth of relevant project information including spreadsheets, dashboards, diagrams, alerts and standard reports. accSIS is the perfect tool to manage and control your project. more about our accSIS trial management software

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