Clinical research professionals

SSS International Research GmbH is an experienced partner for investigators and sponsors:

  • One in three team members has more than 15 years of experience
  • More than 4,500 study sites enrolled
  • 10,000 patients monitored
  • Over 24,000 monitoring visits
  • Four out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies are our clients
  • Experienced partner to small and mid-size biotech/medtech/diagnostics companies
  • Experience on big multinational projects involving up to 16 countries

Current studies

Phase breakdown of the currently managed studies.

How are we different?

SSS offers you a unique combination. Owner-managed but with a 25-year clinical research history. A mid-size business but with substantial international experience. Bottom line: We base the sustainability of our business on building up a reputation in the field. For our clients, that means:

  • Unstinting dedication to your project goals
  • High flexibility
  • Open and proactive communication
  • High quality standards

Efficiency- we keep your desk clear

When sponsors opt to outsource a trial, they want to get the routine stuff off their desks. This is crucial when you have a small team in charge of large clinical programs. SSS has experienced project managers who take care of daily business. Our clinical trial management system, accSIS, is the ultimate workload minimization, efficiency maximization tool. By keeping track and control of what’s going on in your clinical trial, it reduces time-consuming searches and standardizes the interfaces between study participants. Adjusted to meet your needs, SSS can quickly individualize reports to reduce the time needed for data compilation.

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