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Well equipped for the digital future of clinical research thanks to our experience

The medium-sized contract research institute SSS International Clinical Research celebrates its 25th anniversary. SSS benefits greatly from its IT-driven approach and is therefore well prepared for the digital future of the industry.

Germering near Munich, 14.06.2018. SSS International Clinical Research GmbH (SSS), contract research institute for clinical studies (CRO), celebrated its 25th anniversary at Schloss Dachau. Initially started as an auditing service for the quality assurance of clinical research, the company has now established itself as a competent partner for international study projects for pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical technology companies. Thanks to decades of IT expertise and the proprietary clinical trial management systems, SSS is regarded as an industry expert for the digital execution of clinical studies.

The success story of SSS began in 1993 with the vision to increase reliability in clinical research. As an auditing partner, SSS supported research institutes and pharmaceutical companies in the professionalization and quality assurance of their clinical projects. After a few years, SSS expanded its range of services to include clinical trials and comprehensive consulting services and is now a ‘full-service’ provider.

An essential contribution for the approval of innovative drugs
The research content of SSS extends across a wide range of indications, with a focus on haemato-oncology. Over the last 25 years, SSS has achieved success for patients and customers alike. For example, SSS has conducted studies for the approval of a tailor-made cancer drug that effectively helps patients with particularly poor chances of recovery. SSS was also involved in clinical research on some of today’s most commercially successful drugs. Another important milestone was the approval of the first ‘Biosimilar’ for the treatment of anaemia, in which SSS contributed important clinical results. In the meantime, SSS has grown into an internationally active contract research organization with over 50 employees in three countries. From its headquarters in Germering, SSS manages currently projects with up to 16 different countries in up to 650 study centres.

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Now and in the future: The patient is the main focus The anniversary celebration with almost 100 invited guests, a festive menu and inspiring live music was celebrated at Schloss Dachau. In the speech given by Dr. Michael Sigmund, one of the founders and current Managing Director of SSS International Clinical Research, the passion for patient well-being became apparent: “To this day, our goal is to achieve the optimum for our customers and partners with our team of highly trained employees, while at the same time standing up for patient safety in the long term. We will continue to pursue this strategy because we want to continue to help ensure that medical progress for patients is even safer and that this safety is supported by meaningful research studies.”

The market for clinical studies is still growing as a result of the new provisions e.g. of the Medical Product Law, which aims to increase patient safety through increased clinical testing. In this sector in particular, SSS intends to make greater use of its expertise in the future. Another important building block of success: Thanks to the IT-driven approach of SSS, the company is able to react particularly fast to the requirements of digitization and to help shape the content of these topics with its own solutions or by integrating external software.

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